4 Quick and Unique Crochet Xmas Gifts

I am sure all of your friends know about your passion for crochet! So Christmas is coming closer and closer and you realize that they are expecting creative crocheted gifts from you! Have no time for making toys, hats and mittens? Well, leave it for grandmas and let’s see what we can do!

1 Mug Cosy

Although the idea is not that new anymore, mug cosy is still something cool, alternative and unique! Go for it, for sure! Everybody needs it. For cosy winter mornings with a cup of coffee, for warm evenings with a blanket and a huge cacao cup, and of course for  enjoying mulled wine at Christmas Markets! Here I offer you my mug cosy pattern.



2 Key Ring


This is a great option for group of friends. It takes only about two hours (maximum!) to make one key ring, and you can make individual ones for everyone. For example, go for a sushi key ring if one of your friends is crazy about sushi or make a heart for someone you love 🙂 Also a good idea would be to make a Christmas figure like a Tree, Santa’s Hat or the Gingerbread Man.



3 Storage Basket


The storage basket is something practical and everyone can find use for it! At the same time you can decorate it in many different ways turning a regular basket into a special Xmas gift.


4. Egg Cosy

Egg Cosy is a brilliant thing: small, useful, unique and quick to crochet! It is also a sweet gift, and I am sure it would make anyone happy and surprised!


Well, no matter what you go for, remember: there is nothing better than a handmade gift made with a lot of love! Happy crocheting and enjoy your preparation for the Christmas! Ho Ho Ho!

Did you like the post? Look at my other ideas, maybe they will inspire you as well!

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