Anyone can crochet!

Hi there!

Welcome to my blog about crochet! Here I am sharing with you my creative ideas, inspiration and free crochet patterns!
Why is crochet a perfect hobby:

1) One can crochet literally anything! Useful things, useless things, funny characters from TV shows or even someone you know! There are tons of things you can make as a gift for someone you love! 2) Crocheting is really easy. Anyone can crochet!

I believe, even if you never tried it before you will love it once you start. I hope you will like my step by step tutorials, most of them are for beginners.
Let’s get started!

I do not charge for my patterns. But I would be very happy to recieve a small donation! Coffee is my fuel and it helps me to maintain my site and create new free patterns and tutorials for you! Thank you!