Anyone can crochet!

Hi there!

Welcome to my blog about crochet! I will share here with you my ideas, inspiration and patterns!
I really love crocheting, especially recently when I became a mom, hehe 🙂 It’s a perfect hobby for the time with a baby: Relaxing and satisfying, at the end you produce something nice or/and useful!
Your baby needs a lot of little cute things like toys, clothes, and accessories and it’s so great if these things are made by its mom  with a lot of love!

And good news are: 1) One can crochet literally anything! Useful things, useless things, funny characters from TV shows or even someone you know! There are tons of things you can make as a gift for someone you love! 2) Crocheting is really easy. Anyone can crochet!
I believe, even if you never tried it before you will love it once you start.
All patterns I post here are for beginners!

Let’s get started!