About Me

I made this little blog to share my crochet patterns with all of you. I really enjoy crocheting new things and I hope you will like my patterns. There are many great patterns in the internet which are really hard to access because of all kinds of advertisement. Everyone wants you to click everywhere, and it takes forever to actually reach the pattern you like to see. Sometimes, even when you finally found the description, it’s not possible to understand anything because of crazy abbreviations which you are supposed to know. Often it’s not explained at all so you have to google evey single stitch. I am trying to make my blog in a way that you don’t have to face all the mentioned problems.

All my tutorials are as detailed as possible, with pictures on every step. So beginners are very welcome! If you still don’t understand something in a tutorial or you completed a pattern and it looks not like on the pictures, please write a comment or contact me directly! I would be very happy to get any kind of feedback from you. It will help me to improve the tutorials! If you like my blog, please, tell your friends about it. I am not using most of the social media so people learn about my blog only from someone else 🙂 I like it this way but of course I need your help for that!

The main topics of the blog are accessories (they make our life more colourful!) and all possible things for babies (I am a young mom!). Please, let me know which kinds of patterns you would like to see more often! If you crochet something using my patterns please send me pictures or tag me! This would make me very happy! You can also sell the items you crochet using my patterns or translate my patterns into other languages, but please always mention the link to this blog!

Have fun crocheting! I believe, even if you never tried it before you will love it once you start.
And one more time, all patterns I post here are for beginners!