Crochet Cabled Mulled Wine Mug Cosy

It’s not too early to think about christmas (well, it’s never too early, I guess)!
Especially if you need time to crochet presents for your friends and family!


Have you ever been to a christmas market in Germany?
This atmoshere and spicy smells, candels, linzer cake, biscuits, all these cosy handmade things everywhere and… warm, fragrant mulled wine! This is so great, the whole year I am waiting for the end of November and run to the Christmas market on the first day it is open. Sometimes it’s really cold, and it’s even better: perfect opportunity to wear self crocheted hat and gloves!
There is only one problem in this paradise: sweet, sticky, red mulled wine will be all over your nice gloves again and again. So I came to the idea to arm with a cup cosy!
It will keep the wine warm and your gloves clean! And you can make it look however you like!

Most of the Christmas markets offer cups of a typical size. So it is easy to make a mug cosy that would fit to them!



  • 3.5 mm crochet hook
  • recommended for the hook red yarn (of course, zou can choose any colour, but I would consider dark colours or shades of red. If you spill the wine, nobody notices it)
  • scissors
  • string and needle
  • 8 mm black snaps



First of all I want to warn you to not get scared by the abbreviations you don’t know! I am sure, after finishing this pattern you will be full of inspiration and you will want to use your new skills more and more, and maybe even design your own patterns!

  • ch – chain
  • st – stitch
  • sl st – slip stitch
  • sc – single crochet
  • hdc – half double crochet
  • dc – double crochet
  • FPtrc – front post treble crochet (US crochet terms)
  • exFPtrc – extended front post treble crochet (US crochet terms)

Note: if you don’t know how to make FPtrc and exFPtrc, look at this tutorial.

Tip: when starting a row with sc, crochet first in the very first st (the last st of a previous row). When starting a row with dc or hdc, start to crochet in the next st (in this case turning st will play a role of a st). This is why in the Rounds, that start with dc or hdc (for example Round 4), one has to crochet only 5 st in the beginning and in Rounds with sc (like Round 6), 6.



Row 1: 45 ch + 2 turning ch

Row 2: hdc in all st (45)

Row 3: dc in all st (45)

Row 4: dc in next 5 st, FPtrc in next 4 st, (dc in next 6 st, FPtrc in next 4 st) X 3, dc in next 4 st (45) FPtrc stitches in this row are made into dc stitches of the previous row.

Row 5: sc in all st (45)

Row 6: sc in next 6 st, {skip 2 st, exFPtrc in the 3rd st (though the FPtrc of the previous round),  exFPtrc in the next st (though the FPtrc of the previous round),  exFPtrc in the first skipped st (though the FPtrc of the previous round), exFPtrc in the second skipped st (though the FPtrc of the previous round)},

(sc in next 6 st, {…}) X 3, sc in next 4 st (45)

{…} – it is everything what was in the brakets in the beginning of the row.

Row 7: sc in all st (45)

Row 8: sc in next 6 st, FPtrc in next 4 st, (sc in next 6 st, FPtrc in next 4 st) X 3, sc in next 4 st (45)

Row 9-12: repeat rows 5-8 (45)

Row 13: hdc in all st(45). Fasten off, cut the yarn and weave in the ends.


The main part is finished. No we have to take care that the cup cosy can be closed. The snap fastener I will place under the cup handle. So we crochet small “wings” which fit there.

Insert the hook in the 3rd row from the top (as shown on the picture below). Pull the yarn loop through and crochet 1 ch


Row 1: 1 ch, sc in next 7 st, 1 turning ch (8)

Row 2-4: sc in next 8 st, 1 turning ch (8). The row 4 will be the last one so don’t make 2 turning st. Fasten off, cut the yarn and weave in the ends. Place the snaps on the parts we just crocheted.


The cup cosy is finished! It is a great unique christmas present for your friends or/and collegues: doesn’t take long to make it, cup cosy looks very mmm… cosy 🙂 and it’s practical, don’t forget it when you visit a christmas market next time!


Ho Ho Ho!

Did you like to crochet with the tutorial? Check out my other patterns here!


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