My Crochet Highlights of the Year

Hello Everybody!

Just two more days and we will welcome a New Year of adventures in the world of crochet! Well, it is a perfect timepoint to think back and remember the best moments of the current year. I have not been that active posting my patterns this year… Why? Actually, I was busy crocheting! And here are my crochet highlights 2019:

  • I have learned to crochet sweaters! I am very proud and excited about it! I have never thought that I can actually wear a crocheted sweater. But now I have learned an easy technique to make really fashionable designs! As always, my first attempt was for my son, and then I was so happy with the result and it motivated me to crochet my first adult sweater ever!!!


  • 2. A while ago I saw a Seaside Stash Busting Blanket by Eleonora from Coastal Crochet. I was too late for taking part in the Crochet Along with Eleonora but the style of the blanket is sooo inspiring! So trying out the pattern became the Number 1 in my “Crochet To Do List”. And I ended up making accessories one after another using the stitches I have learned from Eleonora. Here are photos of some of the things I have made. Thank you Eleonora for showing the awesome stitches and inspiring me for creating these things!

And here is a flower pot decoration for our terrasse:


I wish you all a great New Year full of ideas and inspiration! My New Year resolution is to share with you the patterns for all of the things mentioned in this post. I hope you are as excited as I am about crocheting new things and making your families and friends happy with your wonderful handmade gifts!


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