Five little amigurumi tips that are rarely mentioned in patterns

Have you been wondering why amigurumi toys look so accurate and nice on pictures but yours look… tired? Today I want to share with you couple of tricks which are very helpful for crocheting amigurumi. These things are usually not mentioned in tutorials and patterns!

  1. Use smaller hook than it’s indicated on the yarn label! Otherwise fibelfill can look through the holes, which is especially unfortunate if your toy is dark coloured.
  2. Crochet in a spiral (without a standart slip stitch at the end of every round). Then the boarders between rounds will be not visible and your toy will look smooth.
  3. When decreasing the number of stitches in a round, insert the hook only in front loops of the stitches.
  4. Do you have a lot of leftover yarn after cutting tails away? Keep them and use them to stuff small parts of a toy like arms and ears. After a while it will save you plenty of materials!
  5. Cannot decide what size of the eyes to use and where they should be located? Just make the eyes from the paper first and try it on! Then mark the stitches and insert safety eyes! Your amigurumi will get a lovely face!

I hope my little secrets with help you and now you will enjoy crocheting even more!
Have fun!


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