Crochet as a Meditation

Hi everyone! I am happy to be back and to write my next post. I started to work again so I had no time for developing new patterns and crocheting them and writing about them. At least I thought so. Now I am learning to use my time efficiently but at the same time to take care that I always can relax when I need it. So I want to share with all of you how crochet saved me again 🙂

There is no pattern in this post but an advertisement how cool it is to use patterns from other people 🙂 Being a parent is a great thing but it also can be really tough. You have to be always 100% concentrated, you have to keep thousends things in your head and plan everything. Well, sometimesit is just too much for me and then I am really looking forward to the evening, when my son goes to bed. And my holly time starts, the time when I can be anyone and when I can do anything. The truth is that often I have only capacity for laying on the sofa watching a series. Sounds like waste of time, right? No powers at all for creativity and finishing all the crochet projects I am excited about. So recently I discovered that a short meditation directly after a child falls asleep makes a real difference. Just some minutes of silence (or with a pleasant music) without any thoughts (or as little as possible) can clear the mind and “reset” our brain, it’s amazing! Later I realized that meditating by doing something simple works better for me. For example by practicing a yoga. Well, then I went even further and decided that meditation with producing something would be just great. And crochet was a perfect answer to that!

So just pick a cool pattern (there are so many nice ones in internet) and just follow it without thinking. I am a big fan of the movie HOME so I decided to crochet the boov Oh! I used this instructions which are by the way really nice and clear and look how it turned out:


If you are balanced and relaxed, new ideas will always come to you! Following patterns of other people made me think of my own and now I am working on several small projects which I show you next days!

Good luck in your new projects and always try to find time for yourself!