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Connecting Cropped Sweater – Free Crochet Pattern

I am so excited to announce that my pattern “Connecting Cropped Sweater” is finally live! This pattern means so much for me, because originally I made the sweater as a stash busting project. Not only using yarn left overs of different colours but also of different weight and fabric. It has been a complete chaos and I did not even think it was possible to write it down as a finished pattern for others to follow. But here I am, a year later releasing the pattern!

I have chosen my birthday to publish the pattern because I feel so connected to this design: for me it symbolizes human kindness (so many nice supporting people have motivated and encouraged me to publish this design, without their feedback I would not be able to go that far) and being respectful to out planet (using random leftovers and not going to a yarn store while making a sweater is a very cool thing and unfortunately it happens rare over here).

Another thing which is really special about this pattern – it is left-handed crocheters inclusive! I tried my best to include references to special stitch tutorials as well as a couple of tips for left-handed makers. I hope it is helpful and everybody is going to feel included.

So here are some key infos about the pattern, that you might want to know:

  • you are going to need 9 mm crochet hook for the sweater body and 6 mm crochet hook for ribbing
  • the pattern is made to measure
  • level is intermediate because you will have to work with yarn of different weights (most likely)
  • you will need 150 g – 650 g of yarn leftovers (estimated for sizes XS – 3 XL). Please note, that this number depends very strongly on fabric so your yardage might differ significantly from these numbers.

I have tried my best to make it easy for you to access the pattern. This site is free of advertisement and I am sharing with you a FREE PDF!!! As I drink a loooot of coffee while working on my tutorials, please consider buying me a cup if you like my pattern:

Check out photos of my testers: @knottyninjacrafts, @arkifede_handmade, @malilin_hobby, @crochetlea66, @amberoodle and @nixie_pixie_handmade!

More info about them and their beautiful versions is in my next post! You can also find some inspiration in Instagram using #connectingcroppedsweater or #secretcrochetbox

So if you are ready, click here to download the pattern:

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