Yoga Socks Free Crochet Pattern


Most of my days start with Yoga with Adriene and I love it. But when I practise yoga somewhere else I often get cold feet (literally:) ) Because I am a crochet addict I want to crochet everything so here are my yoga socks with nacked toes and heel for the best practise. Also I was really lucky to get an awesome yarn of “ocean” colours with a gradient. I love the yarn so much and the colours match so much to practising yoga. So I want to suggest you to get a yarn that you will like, or that will make you calm. One more important thing: the yarn should be soft and pleasant for your skin, otherwise you will get desturbed during the meditation time.

You will need:

  • 3,5 mm crochet hook
  • super nice yarn matching the hook size
  • scissors


  • ch – chain
  • st – stitch
  • sl st – slip stitch
  • sc – single crochet
  • hdc – half double crochet
  • dc – double crochet
  • FPdc – front post double crochet
  • BPdc – back post double crochet
  • X N – repeat N times
  • at the end of every round total number of stitches is shown



Round 1: make 50 ch, join the last and the first st with a sl st
From now on you will make 3 ch starting a new round (this turning st will be counted as 1 st), then turn crocheting to go to the opposite direction. At the end of every round join the round with a sl st. I will mention it only in the Round 2 for you to understand how it looks like.
Round 2: 3 ch, dc in all st, sl st, 3 ch and turn the crocheting (50)
Round 3: (FPdc, BPdc) X 12, hdc in next 25 st (50, remember: 3 ch counts as 1 st)
Round 4: hdc in next 24 st, and then crochet FPdc in the BPdc of the previous round and the BPdc in the FPdc of the previous round (because you have turned the crocheting, the post stitches will “look” to the same direction from round to round and the crochetness will look like a ribbling) (50)
Now repeat Rounds 3 and 4 fives times each.
You have got 14 Rounds.
Round 15: repeat the Round 3
Round 16: 3 ch but do not turn the crocheting this time. (FPdc, BPdc) X 12, make 25 ch, skip the rest of the st and join the chain to the first st of the round with sl st (50)

Round 17: (from this round continue with making 3 ch and turning) dc in next 25 ch, (FPdc, BPdc) X 12 (50)

Rounds 18-47 (or as long as you want): (FPdc, BPdc) – crochet it the whole Round. Just take care that the convex always stays on one side.


Fasten off, cut the yarn and weave in the end. You finished the socks!
Namaste 🙂




Was it fun to crochet with this tutorial? Have a look at my other patterns, maybe you will find something you like there!

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    1. Heey! Oh my God, sorry for being so late with writing back! I am still learning how to operate the account so I somehow missed your message! Have you had time to start the socks yet? I am so glad you like it! I am going to update the post some time soon and make new photos!


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