Last Minute Easter Decoration: Crocheted Egg

If you have not enough time to order any Easter decorations and shops are closed, grab your hook, couple of actual eggs and save the situation!


You will need:

  • 3,5 mm crochet hook
  • stitch marker
  • velvet yarn
  • scissors
  • an egg


  • ch – chain
  • st – stitch
  • sc – single crochet
  • inc – 2 sc in one st (used to increase the number of stitches)
  • dec – 2 sc together (used to decrease the number of stitches)
  • X 6 – repeat 6 times
  • at the end of every round total number of stitches is shown

First prepare the egg:
Make two small holes in the egg and blow in one of them to get out the insights of egg (hold the egg over a plate while doing that). Put the egg in an egg holder for an hour so the leftover eggwhite can drop out.


The pattern:
Round 1: 6 sc in magic ring (6 )
Round 2: inc X 6 (12)
Round 3: (sc in next st, inc) X 6 (18)
Round 4: sc in all st (18)
Round 5: (sc in next 2 st, inc) X 6 (24)
Round 6: sc in all st (24)
Round 7: (sc in next 3 st, inc) X 6 (30)
Rounds 8-10: sc in all st (30)
Round 11: (sc in next 3 st, dec) X 6 (24)
Round 12: sc in all st (24)
Place the egg in the crochetness, we will crochet around the egg from now on.

Round 13: (sc in next 2 st, dec) X 6 (18)
Round 14: sc in all st (18)
Round 15: (sc in next st, dec) X 6 (12)
Round 16: (3 sc together) X 4 (4)
Fasten off, cut the yarn and pull the end in the egg. That’s it!


Enjoy the Easter days!


Did you like to crochet with this tutorial?
Have a look at my other patterns, maybe you will find something you like there! And don’t forget to check out my Instagram @nicecrocheting!

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