Crochet Reusable Cosmetic Pads: Free Pattern

So after the 2 weeks break I continue my #crochetforfuture sequence. Today I want to talk about reusable cosmetic pads. I have seen the idea a couple of weeks ago and I totally love it! I started to crochet my cosmetic pads right away and it took just minutes to produce one!t So after just a half an hour you might have 4-5 pads and you don’t have to buy them at all! Isn’t it great?Especially now, in the quarantine times (actually, good for the environment times, when big companies stopped producing cars and people started to enjoy wild nature and their own houses).

Actually, the are quite some reusables we can crochet instead of buying one-time-use items like dish cloths, sponges 🧽, shopping bags. Other ideas? I would love to hear them!!!

If you crochet something to make our environment better or as an act of kindness, please don’t forget to use the hashtag #crochetforfuture. Together we will make the world better!



  • 3.5 mm crochet hook
  • recommended for the hook 100% cotton yarn of any colour(s)
  •  Scissors


  • ch – chain
  • st – stitch
  • sl st – slip stitch
  • dc – double crochet
  • ps – puff stitch (yarn over, insert hook in the st, (yarn over, pull up loop so
    that loop to the hight of a dc) X 4, yarn over, pull through all 9 loops on the hook)
  • (…) X 6 – repeat “…” 6 times



Round 1: (ps, ch) X 6 in magic ring, sl st
Round 2: 2 ch,( (ps, ch) in ch after the next ps of the previous round) X 6, so st
Round 3: 2 ch, ((ps, ch) in ch after the next ps of the previous round, 2 dc in the ch  after the next ps of the previous round) X 6, sl st
Fasten off, cut the yarn and weave in the ends. Finished!!! It took just a couple of minutes, right? Make some more, maybe of different colours?


Did you like to crochet with this tutorial?
Have a look at my other patterns, maybe you will find something you like there!

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