St. Valentine’s Day – 5 Crochet Gift Ideas for Him

It’s January 14th and you have exactly one month to plan your perfect date or to prepare a small gift/surprise for your Valentine! Here I have 5 ideas for a small handmade gift. No matter who your boyfriend/husband/almost boyfried is – a sceptical, practical person or a romantic and sensitive guy – you can always find a perfect crochet match for him!

1) Heart


Of course, a symbol of the most romantic day is always a heart! You can use it to decorate your place or a breakfast tray. Also you can place eyes on it and embroider a smile and he will get the cutest stuffed heart ever. Just a bit of imagination and the 3D heart pattern!


For decorating you might want to make more of the small 2D hearts. Tutorial for that you can find here.


2) Princess Leia


If your beloved one is a Star Wars fan (even if he is disappointed by the last episodes), he will be happy to get a crocheted Princess Leia! It is creative and funny and he will be amazed by your talent! Besides, I am sure that Princess Leia was his first love 🙂


3) Key Ring

If your boyfriend is a practical one and does not like things laying around, crochet a funny key ring for him! Maybe he likes sushi? Then this pattern is for you!


4) Earwarmer

One more option for a practical man would be something he can wear. Why do not you make a earwarmer for him? Not a lot of work for you and he will stay warm!


Especially useful for those guys, who bike a lot and do not use hats 🙂


5) Nutcracker and Marie

Your second half has a romantic nature and he likes classical music? What can be more romantic than making a lovely couple: The Nutcracker and Marie? Their love story has become the classics and millions of people watch it every winter again and again.


No matter what pattern you have chosen and how exactly it will turn out, I am sure: you present will be a great surprise because it was made with love!

Happy St. Valentine’s Day!

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