10 Reasons Why I was Scared to Try Crocheting Irish Lace


One of the crochet goals I have had for a long time is to try irish lace. It looks so pretty and complex and very different from other crochet styles.

But I was pushing it forward for almost 3 years… Why?

I thought about it and wrote the reasons why I was so afraid to try the irish lace technique. I have counted 10 reasons!

  1. I have not found a clear tutorial for beginners. It looks so complicated and I had the impression that it is assumed that I have to be an expert to follow the instructions.
  2. Most of the tutorials I could not understand because of different languages and/or styles to present the information.
  3. I like tutorials with pictures and not video tutorials, so my search was hopeless. Most of the irish lace elements patterns are presented in schemes, which is fine for me but they can be written in different terms and the terms should be indicated. Often it is not the case and the schemes are presented as screenshots and the quality is usually not the best.
  4. I dont really have time for searching instructions/learning. I have a job, family, real life.
  5. Please do not judge me but I did not want to pay for a tutorial. First of all, I was not sure if I like the technique. Second, there are so many pretty free patterns so I did not really feel like buying classes or anything like that.
  6. Irish lace is used for clothes and I cant really design clothes and cuts. I love crochet, not sewing or designing cuts.
  7. Most of the video tutorials start with showing weird tools I am supposed to have.
  8. I dont really have a small hook. I used to crochet winter accessories and home decorations so I did not really need it.
  9. I dont have so thin yarn. Why? It is usually expensive and I suspect it takes forever to crochet it. Should I buy it just for trying a technique I cant even understand?
  10. The most important: would I even enjoy crocheting Irish lace as much as I am enjoying regular crochet? It seems so defferent and I want that my hobby bring more pleasure than stress.

So all these points were holding me from even trying the IL until now, when I realized that it doesn’t have to be perfect or exactly in the way others do that.

So I just decided to try by myself and see how it turns out. So I call it Lazy Irish Lace, maybe real experts will think that it doesnt even have anything to do with real IR, but it is good enough for me.

If you find yourselves in any of these points, I invite you to make your first steps in IL with me.


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